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I have a gap between my top teeth. As a child, I would sometimes sit in class and hold my teeth in hopes that it would eventually push them together. When I was a teenager, I asked my mom about getting braces to get rid of the gap. She showed me 2 photos, one of Madonna and one of Brigitte Bardot. Both successful, beautiful women with gaps in their teeth.

I've had a lot of nicknames, some negative, but mostly positive. By far my favorite though is Saboirfaire. Not only is it a play on words (I did say I love puns), but the French term savoir faire (pronounced sav-wär-fair) means “know how to do”. A phrase that embodies why I believe every woman needs to have an intimate portrait session. A luxurious day where she can get to know and love herself so she can be confident in any situation.

I spend my free time hula hooping, laying in a hammock, or not knowing the answers to trivia questions, unless they are about Ryan Gosling.

When a friend says the lyric to a song in conversation, I start singing that song out loud, even if I haven't heard it in years.

People compliment me most on my boldness, both my personality and my eyebrows.

I am very grateful to have had the privilege of traveling around Europe twice. The first time I was by myself with only want I could carry in my backpack for 3 months. None of which was makeup, extra shoes, or a hair brush. When I was in Italy for Valentine's day, I did buy myself mascara, lacy underwear, and obviously dark chocolate, despite having food poisoning.

I was really great at naming cats as a child. A few examples: Little Meow, Puff Daddy, Scoopsies, and Tuffy.

I graduated from a women's college. High school me was reluctant, but current me is so glad that is the path I took.

I try to remember to look at myself in the mirror every day and say “I love you”. It's something I started doing when I started meditating and doing reiki training. But like my workout routine, I'll get in the groove and then I'll stop for a few days and forget to get back to it. 

Here's a little bit of realness

It can be really difficult to not compare yourself to other people, especially through the filtered lens of social media. I want to help you develop a new voice in your head. One of acceptance and empowerment. Instead of seeking perfection, let's focus on being real.

Hello,I    abrina





Hello, I     abrina

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